Thursday, April 7, 2011

Google PageRank Graph: Google PageRank visualized

Google has undoubtedly become one of the most important sources of traffic to a website. With many of us depending on a predominant chunk of traffic from Google searches, it has become a necessity to rank better in Google search results.

One way Google ensures better search results is through its PageRank (PR) algorithm. Though the exact algorithm behind Google's PageRank is not exactly disclosed by Google, many companies have actually broken the code about PageRank, to some extent at least.

I always wondered what was the difference between different PR values. How much time it would take to move from one PR to a higher one once Google updates the PR in the Google toolbar? Finally i came across an image by Elliance, Inc. which shows the Google PageRank in the form of a graph and helps to visualize the PageRank system. Though it is not official (not by Google) but is good enough to put an end to the speculation in my mind. :)

Google Pagerank Graph / Chart Source: Elliance


Peter said...

There's more to it then meets the eye. Have you ever seen how it flows around your own site? Some pages get a PR0 and others a n/a. Why if all of them have the same amount of internal links due to your menu and no external links? There seems to be other factors at stake.

Vikram said...

@Peter i agree that there is more to the google page rank algorithm which is represented in this blog post or in the SEO community.

For everyone it is a trial and error approach which has led everyone to reach this level of understanding. And we won't know for sure what is the exact mode in which the page rank algorithm works, unless of course Google discloses it completely to the people which i don't see happening, at least in the near future.

Till then let us all speculate and enjoy that i/we/somebody has broken the pagerank code!!!

BTW check out the new google search blog called Inside search

Heath Strick said...

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