Thursday, May 19, 2011

Boy and Girl story with a twist

broken heartThere was a Girl & a Boy, they loved each other.
Boy always Used to Say: "My heart is always with you, I am living without a heart." 

After sum days:
Girl said that she can't marry him because her family disagrees to the marriage.
The Boy said: "I need you and your family's happiness" and agreed to be just friends,

After few months:
Girl got married and she was looking through her gifts. She come across a Gift and started crying!!! The Gift was the boy's heart (Real one) packed in a Jar!!!

Ladke ne Suicide kiya ya Murder huwa?
Kyun ki agar Sucide kiya toh Heart pack kisne kiya?

Jaan ne ke liye dekhna na bhooliye "CID", Only on "SONY TV".

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Google Search Results get new layout and design

It was different when performed searches using Google today. Though i was getting the Google search results in the same design and layout, once in a while it changed. Initially i couldn’t realize why the results seemed different once in a while. After trying a bit more, i figured it out that the searches i performed using my Google toolbar gave the same old layout and design but when i searched in the location bar of Firefox, the results seemed to be different. Later i realized that Google was seemingly conducting a test on its layout and design and the change was witness able for only and not for country specific Google searches such as for

Coming straight to the point, let me take off the curtains and let you have a look for yourself and see what i am talking about. Both the new and the old Google search result layout and designs are provided below for easy visual comparison.

New Google Search Result Layout and Design (below)New google search layout and design

Old Google Search Result layout and design (below)old google search layout and design


  1. There seems to be a clear difference in the colours used in the new layout and design. The new one has a slightly lighter shade of blue.
  2. The tiltes in the new layout and design are without underlines.
  3. The description text is smaller and lighter than the old design.
  4. The space between the results has increased substantially.
  5. The cached and similar links have seemingly removed.

My views

Though the new layout seems more uncluttered and removal of underlines is a welcome step, there is too much blank areas between the results for my liking. Moreover, removing the cached and similar links is not a big problem for me as i don’t use that feature very often. I personally seem to like the old blue colour but i guess whenever there is a change people tend to oppose it until the change becomes part of our lives. Since the present layout and design is stuck to us for a long time, it may take us some time to get accustomed to the new layout and design.

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