Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How to add a watermark using GIMP


GIMP provides a relatively easy way of adding a watermark to images. The following steps provides the entire process of adding a watermark with GIMP. The steps provided herein below have been performed with GIMP 2.6. If you are using another version of GIMP, then also the steps will almost be the same with minor variations.

  1. Open the image in GIMP
  2. Open the Layers window by clicking the Layers button on the image toolbar (alternatively press CTRL-L)
  3. Right Click on the Background layer and select a New Layer and select OK.
  4. Click on New Layer in the Layers window to select the New Layer
  5. Click on the Text Tool icon (Full Black A) to bring the text option on the Toolbox. Alternatively press the key ‘t’.
  6. Select the font and size and click on the photo to insert the text.
  7. Enter the text you wish to use as a watermark in the GIMP text editor
  8. A black and yellow box with the text will appear.
  9. Move the box to the desired location.
  10. Click on Filters in the image toolbar (alternatively ‘Alt r’)
  11. Then click Distort (alternatively ‘d’)
  12. Then click Emboss (alternatively ‘e’)
  13. An Emboss screen with the preview of the text will be shown. You may just keep the settings and select OK, which will reduce the colour intensity of the text.
  14. Select the text layer under the Layers box and reduce the opacity by dragging it to the left. Select your optimum watermark opacity.
  15. Right click the Background layer and select flatten image.
  16. Save and you are done! (Check out the monkey image for the watermark added by me)

GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. You can download your copy of GIMP for free here.

A Google a day keeps the searchOmania away!!!

Google has launched a trivia game called ‘A google a day’ wherein it is allowing everyone to search for the answers on Google. The game asks a question everyday and Google provides its vast database to search for the answers using your Google searching capabilities. The game also comes up with its own Google search page which is powered by Deja Google, which helps to avoid spoilers by providing search results before the day the specific ‘a google a day’ trivia was uploaded.

A google a day


According to Google, they will follow the traditional style of increasing the complexity of the puzzle with the difficulty levels around Thursday or Friday. Though the game asks questions which are many a times US centered but, what the hell, it becomes even more challenging to figure out the answer if you are not from US.

It seems to be a nice strategy to get users inclined to using Google. Moreover, Google may be receiving a ton of data which it may further use to improve its search results. Keeping everything aside, I found the game to be fun as well as challenging. It will obviously help everyone become good Google searchers.

Source – Google blog

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Google PageRank Graph: Google PageRank visualized

Google has undoubtedly become one of the most important sources of traffic to a website. With many of us depending on a predominant chunk of traffic from Google searches, it has become a necessity to rank better in Google search results.

One way Google ensures better search results is through its PageRank (PR) algorithm. Though the exact algorithm behind Google's PageRank is not exactly disclosed by Google, many companies have actually broken the code about PageRank, to some extent at least.

I always wondered what was the difference between different PR values. How much time it would take to move from one PR to a higher one once Google updates the PR in the Google toolbar? Finally i came across an image by Elliance, Inc. which shows the Google PageRank in the form of a graph and helps to visualize the PageRank system. Though it is not official (not by Google) but is good enough to put an end to the speculation in my mind. :)

Google Pagerank Graph / Chart Source: Elliance
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