Sunday, October 31, 2010

Living life on the edge: Amazing compilation of sports events

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kyunki main jhoot nahi bolta: Teacher and student Q&A’s

Teacher: Tum bade hokar kya karoge? teacher - student

Student: shaadi..!!!!!!

Teacher: nahi, mera matlab hai kya banoge?.....

Student: dulha.!!!!!!!!!!!

Teacher: oh, i mean bade hokar kya hasil karoge?

Student: dulhan

Teacher: IDIOT mera matlab bade ho kar mummy papa k liye kya karoge?

Student- bahu laaunga

Teacher: stupid tumhare papa tumse kya chahte hai?

Student: pota

Teacher: he bhagwan, tumari zindagi ka kya maksad hai?

Student: hum do humare do, jab tak teesra na ho......!!!!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z launched in India with new HTC Sense and HTCSENSE.COM

HTC has announced the launch of its next generation HTC Sense while showcasing two new flagship smartphones, the Desire HD and HTC Desire Z as per an official statement. It appears that Vodafone will be the first operator in India to provide mobile services for both the the Desire HD and HTC Desire Z.


Read the excerpts of the official press release below:
Taipei, Taiwan, 7 October 2010 --HTC Corporation, a global leader in mobile phone innovation and design, today launched the next generation HTC Sense™ while showcasing two new flagship smartphones, the Desire HD™ and HTC Desire Z™ which epitomize the perfect blend of innovative hardware design and mobile services with operators in Asia, including : Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile, Far EasTone in Taiwan, SoftBank in Japan, CSL in Hong Kong, Vodafone in India and Australia, Korea Telecom in Korea, SingTel、Starhub and M1 in Singapore, Maxis in Malaysia and Mobiphone in Vietnam.”
Source - HTC

Sunday, October 3, 2010

PJ’s in abundance!!!

Ek aadmi ki 6 ungliyan(6 fingers) hoti hain... sab log use "Hanuman" bulate hain... kyun???
Kyounki uska nam hanuman hota hai!


what is PJ???
phaltu joke..
what is P+iJ ???
complex phaltu joke...
why dont we laugh on a it???
coz the joke part is imaginary!!!


Whats the opposite of Real??
Becuase it is 'Na-Real' 


i'll write a book an pj’s and dedicate it to whom?

our ex-president....why
Ans: b'coz he is mr. a.P.J.abdul kalam


what is the vector form of sridevi????
Ans - TABU!!!!
confused???? why????

because sridevi did chandni and tabu did chandni bar!!!!!


What would Dharmendra say to Hema Malini if he wants to tell her to call
him up...?
Ring De Basanti :))


A dentist was examining a patient having a highly contageous deadly disease....
As soon he opens the patients mouth the disease gets transferred to the doctor... how??
Because the patient had a bluetooth!!


What is one word in English for kiye karaye par paani ferna??

Three cockroaches were going on the road, suddenly one of them started singing the song -- AASHIQ BANAYA AAPNE.

Few mins later, all the three cockroaches died......any idea why?????

COZ the song is HIT......

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