Sunday, July 10, 2011

Related post widget for blogger with thumbnails

Note: The same widget also works for platforms such as Wordpress and Typepad amongst others.

Blogger is one of the most used blogging platform but lacks the related post widget which according to me is important to decrease my blogs bounce rate. And the same feeling is shared by many other blogger. However, some people at Google don’t feel the same. I remember to have read a response by one Google employee on a question by one blogger user to incorporate the related post feature in blogger. To this, the Google employee responded (this is based on recollection, which i read some weeks back and might not be the same as i remember it to be. If you find the post, please send the link in the comments section) that the label feature can take care of it. But clicking on a label is the last thing i do on other blogs, i myself read. So how can i expect someone else to do so on my blog and feel more engaged with my blog.

Related post widget as it appears on my blog

Related post widget with thumbnails for blogger 

Things which a related post widget should have

I searched a lot (improve your searching capabilities with a Google a day) to find a good related post widget for my blog which would satisfy the following aspects:

  • Looks clean and not filled by ads
  • Is not complicated to implement on my blog
  • Has a good loading speed

Though there area a lot of options available, which succeed on either of the parameters, nothing based on my search was as good and easy to implement as LinkWithin. LinkWithin is the best related post widget which i have seen in a long time. Its beautiful and takes less than 2 minutes to implement on the blog.

How to implement the related post widget

Visit LinkWithin, fill a extremely simple form (see image below). Once you click the Get Widget icon, follow the four steps provided on LinkWithin site and voila you are done. Refresh your blog and you should be able to see the related posts.

LinkWithin- related blog post widget signup

To get a further understanding of LinkWithin, check out their FAQ page. This page provides details such as:

  • How does the widget decide what stories to show?
  • how to customize the text which appears above the widget?
  • how to customize the placement of the widget on the blog?
  • how they plan to make money with this?


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